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Shea Butter

The Shea Butter Store

2 ounce  $12.00 each
4 ounce  $17.00 each
8 ounce  $30.00 each

While Shea Butter is believed by many cultures to have anti-aging affects it is known to increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Its therapeutic effects protects, heals and improves skin better than any other oil.

Select from our scented and professionally blended products. Available in 2, 4 and 8 ounce cosmetic jars.


Shea Butters are available in the following selections:  

Original Shea Butter
Our Original formulation of 100% Shea Butter whipped to perfection. Healing and rejuvenating, its moisturizing properties make it an excellent choice for dry skin. No useless fillers included in our Shea Butters, only the real thing.

Lavender Shea Butter
The same incredible 100% Original Shea Butter infused with pure Lavender Essential oils.

Shea Butter with Aloe 
Another great formulation of pure Shea Butter combined with pure Aloe butter whipped to the same perfection as the Original. Aloe adds its own special properties to enhance the Shea Butters.

Lavender Shea Butter with Aloe
The same incredible Shea Butter Aloe infused with pure Lavender Essential oils.

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