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Loofahs with All Natural Soap

3.5 ounce  $8.00 each

What better way to scrub than by using nature itself to remove dry flaky skin, leaving your skin clear and glowing. These natural 4" long loofah scrubs are available molded in 3.5 ounces of our famous Au Naturel soaps. Also available without soap.

Loofahs are available in the following selections:  

  Lavender~Rosehip Loofah 
Healing and rejuvenating, its moisturizing properties make it an excellent choice for dry skin.

 Patchouli Loofah
An earthy Hippy era scent that remains a classic favorite among the baby boom crowd.

 Orange Ginger Loofah
A fresh splash of citrus with a tinge of spicy ginger to awaken and sharpen your senses.

 Ylang Ylang Loofah
A sweet floral aroma calms and uplifts the spirits while nourishing your skin.

 Asian Essence Loofah
A unique blend of essential oils creating a fragrance reminiscent of fine Asian teas formulated with coconut milk and containing skin softening chamomile.

 Breakfast Bar Loofah
Cinnamon scented  using an  oatmeal exfoliate and skin moisturizing vitamin filled honey blended together creating a unique bath experience.

             Gardener's Hand Soap Loofah
The final tool in the gardener's day made with a blend of oils from six garden herbs and laced with gourmet coffee grinds to help cleanse away the days work.

 Coconut Milk Soap Loofah
A universal favorite with skin clarifying properties  provides much needed minerals to nourish and hydrate the skin.

 Lavender~Lavender Bud Loofah
From the garden to your bath, relaxing, calming and soothing with exfoliating buds to begin a stress free day.

 Lavender~Rosehip~Oatmeal Loofah
The added element of oatmeal provides a light scrub to an already ideal soap.

 Lemongrass~Calendula Loofah
Lemongrass oils revitalize your senses as the calendula petals massage your skin to a clean healthy shine.

 Oatmeal & Honey Loofah
A scent free mild combination of a light oatmeal scrub with vitamin packed honey.




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